The best outdoor escape game in your city

Enjoy a great afternoon with your friends, children or work colleagues.

With tricky puzzles and an exciting story, you will discover the old town anew.

The most exciting outdoor Escape Games in Europe!

Perfect for an adventure with friends, family or as a team event.

Choose one of the exciting URBANmissions, put your heads together and win the battle against time!

The URBANmissions are played outside without staff using your own smartphone or tablet. In one or more teams of 2-5 players, you are given a tricky mission that you have to complete in a certain amount of time.

Where would you like to play?

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The best Escape Games in

Zurich, Lucerne, Bern, Basel, Winterthur, Vienna, Milan, Bratislava and Nitra

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Team­building and corporate events

Team­building with Escape Games

Get to know your team and your colleagues from a different perspective!

At URBANescape, we have already welcomed many companies for team building and supported various teams to improve team spirit and increase the shared enjoyment of work.

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"Wir hatten Super Spass im Team! War mal was ganz anderes als Firmenevent, aber zu empfehlen!"

- S. Schneider / Mikrona Technologie AG

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Frequently asked questions about URBANmissions

What is an URBANmission?

A URBANmission is an outdoor escape game that takes place in a city district or on a walkable terrain. Tricky puzzles embedded in a funny story have to be solved in a given time.

Do we have to use public transport during the game?

No. All URBANmissions take place in a relatively small area and the distances between the puzzles are short. Thus the game is compact and does not lose its tension. For the vast majority of puzzles, it is not even possible to move between them by public transport.

Do I need internet access during the game?

Once you have loaded a mission into the app, you generally do not need internet.

An exception are puzzles made with augmented reality (AR). The mobile phone/tablet with which you will use AR needs internet access.

However, each mission is also developed in a version without AR so that you can play it without internet. See the note for each mission.

However, internet is always necessary to download the app and the purchased URBANmission to your mobile phone/tablet. You can do this without any problems at home using your wifi.

Internet is also necessary for the transmission of the achieved score at the end of the game. This can also be done at home if you connect to the Wifi. You must then select the mission you have played again and click through to the last screen. Then the points are transmitted and you can view your result in the ranking list.

How large should a team be?

For most URBANmissions we recommend a team size of 2-5 people.

Can two or more teams play simultaneously and or against each other?

Most missions can be played in duels in two or more teams. Note the corresponding comment for each mission.

What does duel mean?

Duel is a game variant in which two or more teams play against each other. All teams have to solve the same puzzles, but in a different order.

At the end all teams compare the achieved score.

What happens if I realize on site that my battery is too low or the gps is not working?

You can return the redeemed voucher code on your phone/tablet and use it on another device. You can return it via the trash can icon on the first screen of the mission.

Very important: once a mission has been started, i.e. time is running, it cannot be returned. So make sure that your battery is sufficiently charged.

How should i dress?

Make sure you are dressed appropriately for the weather. The outdoor URBANmissions take place outside during the whole game.

Can I play in English?

Most missions are also playable in English. Note the appropriate language option for each mission and select the appropriate language when booking.

Another question?

More FAQs can be found here: