Outdoor Escape Game Teamevent:
Urban Mission

City Hunt Outdoor Escape Game through the city

Discover the city with tricky puzzles and an exciting story and experience a great team event.

Outdoor Escape Game Teamevent: URBANmission

The teams of 2-7 players will discover the city with tricky puzzles and an exciting story.

The URBANmissions are mostly played in a specific part of the city. Since they take place in a relatively small area, there is no need for long walks or use of public transport between each puzzle. The game is compact and does not lose its tension.

Teambuilding and Teamevent

Solving all the puzzles requires strategies and teamwork. Therefore, a successful Escape Game requires a lot of logic, mutual communication and keen observation skills.

The teams playing the same URBANmission play against each other in terms of time. Which team will be the first to solve all the puzzles correctly and win?

The team whose players work well together, communicate with each other and think creatively has the best chance of winning.


What is an Urban Mission?

Frequently asked questions about the scavenger hunt Escape Game in your city

What is an Urban Mission?

The URBANmission is a digital interactive scavenger hunt that takes place in a district or on a walkable area. Tricky puzzles in an exciting story have to be solved in a given time.

Why URBANmission?


Discover the city with tricky puzzles and an exciting story.

With our games you will decipher secret messages and signs, put your combination sense to the test, think around corners, increase team spirit and experience a lot of fun. Each URBANmission has a different exciting story and matching puzzles.

URBANmission connects a digital environment on your smartphone or tablet with the real world.

Is it possible to play in English?

Each URBANmission can be played in German or English. Each team can decide on a desired language.

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