New Year‘ s Eve Dinner 2023: Christmas Dinner with Escape Game

Christmas Gift. Christmas. Christmas Present.

You are wondering where you and your family should organize this year’s end-of-year dinner or Christmas dinner, or you are betting on the tried and tested and on quality. Bet on our Exit Games, Room.

The Christmas holidays make „family time“ an event that EVERYONE looks forward to. Join together for a captivating Escape Room adventure!

1# Christmas dinner for the family

Christmas is a time for family, right? Before the kids get excited about their new Christmas gifts and the adults go into a food coma, is it too much to ask to spend a moment with your family?

Even when you get everyone’s attention, the reaction is always the same. Blank stares and a single question, „What are we supposed to do?“

Clearly, you need a new family activity for Christmas. One that will capture your family’s imagination, bring them together and focus their attention for 60 minutes or 2 to 3 hours.

It’s time to recapture the magic of Christmas. Your secret weapon – an Escape Game! Nothing brings families closer together than 60 minutes of shared thrills, dangers and daring victories!

2# Why an Exit Room?

For an hour or more, you’ll be a team! Victory will depend on how well you can work together. You will ask each other for help in solving puzzles.

You will cheer each other on as you get one step closer to victory. Afterwards, your family will go on for hours (maybe even days!).

Talking about the jigsaw, the bizarre ways you saved the day, and how narrowly you escaped defeat!

Take on the Exit the Room together, stay together!

Christmas. Christmas gift. Last minute christmas gift. Escape Game. Gift.

3# Did we mention: The Adventure room is suitable for any party?

Need to keep the kids busy? Just book one of our Escape Room Games for kids (we have several on offer).

If you want to organize an Escape Game for your kids at your home, try our Indoor Escape Room Abenteuer mit Elfen.

You can take your kids and family outdoors for a family Christmas dinner or family year-end dinner.

In our Outdoor Escape Game they solve puzzles as a team in the open air, in the streets of the city. In case of bad weather, they can play our Indoor Escape Games.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt works on the same principle as Outdoor Foxtrail, except that you play the Treasure Hunt in a specific location.

Our Indoor Escape Games take place either at the main train station in Zurich or at the train station in Winterthur.

If they get hungry after the City Hunt, they can have a family dinner in one of the nearby restaurants.

Our Escape the Game are also a great choice for business Christmas lunches, financial year lunches, for any team event.

4# Adults love these Exit Rooms too!

If you’re hosting an adult party – stag party, bachelorette party, birthday party, our City Games are the perfect icebreaker.

Just gather your guests in a room, hand out the game sheets and get them started. That polite half smile everyone walked in the door with? That will be gone in minutes!

Friends, acquaintances, strangers and old rivals will suddenly come together to meet the challenge.

At the end of the game, they may not all be old friends, but they will be joining hands, patting each other on the back and hugging as they escape with only five minutes left on the clock!

Our Game can also strengthen with a delicious dinner 3-course menu, raclette or fondue (by arrangement with the hotel Novotel Zurich). Start the beautiful evening with a welcome drink.

Christmas. Christmas gift. Last minute christmas gift. Escape Game. Gift.

5# Guaranteed to be an experience for the whole family

Are you a larger family? Wouldn’t they all fit into our Escape the Game Rooms? But you would still like to have an aperitif, play an Escape the Game and then enjoy a 3-course or 4-course meal or raclette/fondue (by arrangement with the hotel)?

Organize a family outing in one of our partner hotels. Have fun in our hotel mission and finish the game with a hearty dinner revue.

The hotel missions have puzzles of varying difficulty, so there’s always an opportunity for younger (or less sober) players to join in the fun. This is a perfect family experience that everyone will enjoy!

Simply divide the family into groups of 4 to 6 and send them into different rooms to see who can escape the fastest. Of course, it’s a lot more fun if you up the ante a bit….

Don’t hesitate and order one of our Escape Game Missions today.

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Did you know: escape games can help you to concentrate?

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