Did you know: escape games can help you to concentrate?

Ponamáhaj si svoje sivé bunky so svojím tímom pri hraní našej mestskej hry

Do you think that the only way to work on improving memory, stamina or concentration is to read books, do crosswords, riddles or do jigsaw puzzles? Try a new method! Play an escape game and you’ll see that concentration can be improved with this much more fun method.

Adventure room has been around for a years now, so it’s no wonder they’ve improved over time. If you haven’t fallen for the phenomenon yet, you’ll be tempted over time: your friends will convince you or you will play it during a company teambuilding or team event.

Exit games are nothing to be afraid of, even if you might have a prejudice against them.

It’s not cheap fun, and when you come across a good exit room, you can learn something new or even grow personally.

give city game a chance

In URBANescape we offer you several interesting escape games. Each of our puzzle game will get under your skin, give you a lot of fun experiences also a new knowledge and teach you to think logically under the pressure of time limits or fear.

While you won’t find as many distractions in the escape room in Zurich, when you find yourself in the outdoor escape game , you’ll be assaulted by a multitude of distractions. That’s what the Foxtrail, City Hunt is all about: teaching you to stay focused because you paid for the game and you don’t want to feel ashamed that you didn’t make it in time.

Escape the Room Escape the Game
Escape the Room Escape the Game

Experience the unforgettable in the Escape room game

No matter what mood you enter the room with, you will enjoy the game. If you are open to new experiences, your mind will be working at full speed during the game.

You’ll be looking for solutions while others will be making fun of everything and just goofing around with you. It will be a test for you to test your unbreakability.

If you and your team motivate yourselves properly, even the hardest game will be a breeze. Together, you can do the impossible.

Do you live in Switzerland? Book one of our escape game in Zurich, exit games in Lucerne. Or try a foxtrail in Basel or exit the game in Winterthur.

Do you live in Germany? Book our outdoor escape game in Berlin.

Do you live in Slovakia? Book our outdoor escape game in Nitra or escape game in Bratislava.


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