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URBANmission city:

lOV NA AGENTA (Winterthur)

outdoorová úniková hra

Vži sa do úlohy tajného agenta a prekaz nebezpečné plány skorumpovaného štátneho úradníka! Zaži napínavú naháňačku a ochráň dôležité štátne tajomstvo. Staň sa hrdinom a zachráň budúcnosť krajiny.

Chceš ,,malú ochutnávku“, ešte predtým ako si únikovú hru budeš môcť konečne zahrať? Pozri si trailer na escape game Lov na agenta vo Winterthure tu.

Outdoor únikovku Lov na agenta vo Winterthure hráš na tvojom vlastnom mobile alebo tablete bez prítomnosti personálu v starom meste Winterthur.

Šifrovačka vo Winterthure sa začína na hlavnej stanici vo Winterthure a vedie cez staré mesto Winterthur.

Celá úniková hra vo Winterthure sa odohráva vonku.

Rébusy vo Winterthure sú úplne odlišné od tých v Zurichu, Bern, Bazileji a Luzerne – takže si môžeš zahrať všetky lovy na agenta.

Price: CHF 30.00 per person

You can order the URBANmission Agent Hunt in Winterthur in the following languages:

Agentenjagd 120′ in Winterthur

The original for experienced players

Sprache: Deutsch

Agentenjagd 120′ locker in Winterthur

The easier version of the agent hunt for escape game beginners and for all those who prefer to take it easy and don’t want to be challenged too much. But you certainly won’t get bored!

Sprache: Deutsch

Details for URBANmission Agent Hunt in Winterthur:

  • Location: Old Town Winterthur and outdoor
  • Starting point: Winterthur main station
  • Difficulty: 2/3, easy version 1/3
  • Recommended age: from 16 years and with escape room experience
  • Number of players: 2 to 24 (up to 20 people is optimal)
  • Team size: 2 to 6 (up to 5 people optimal)
  • Number of teams: 1 to 4 teams at the same time
  • Duel: possible (2 to 4 teams at the same time and against each other)
  • Languages: DE
  • Duration: 2 hours

Important info for Agent Hunt in Winterthur:

  • No appointment necessary: You can play the URBANmissions whenever you want.
  • Print out one page: For the outdoor escape game Agent hunt in Winterthur you need to print out one page in black and white.
  • City map of Winterthur or a map app: If you don’t know your way around the old town so well.
  • All information by email after your order: You will receive the voucher code, the link for the sheet and all necessary information for the URBANmission: Agent hunt in Winterthur in an email a few minutes after your order.

    Requirements URBANmission App:

    • A tablet is better: Smartphone or tablet with operating system iOS (from 11.0) or Android (from 7.0). A tablet is better, so you can all look at the screen better. However, it also works without problems with a smartphone.
    • No internet: You don’t need an internet connection during the escape game in Winterthur. Internet is only needed to download the app and the URBANmission.
    • Turn on the location services: The location services must be switched on/allowed for the app.
    • Battery full: Battery must be charged. Your smartphone or tablet will be in use during the entire URBANmission Agent hunt in Winterthur.

    This is how the Outdoor Escape Game in Winterthur works:

    • Buy the URBANmission here on the website. A few minutes after ordering, you will receive an email with one or more voucher codes and all the necessary information for the URBANmission Agent hunt in Winterthur.
    • One voucher code is valid for one smartphone/tablet and 2-3 players.
    • Download the URBANmission app for free. On the smartphone/tablet you will play on: iOS-App | Android-App
    • Download the URBANmission into the app.
    • Go with your team to the starting point of the URBANmission.
    • Read the first 3 pages of the escape game carefully!
    • Only then start the mission. From then on, the countdown starts.

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    Teambuilding and Teamevent in Winterthur

    with the Outdoor Escape Game Agent Hunt

    The agent hunt in Winterthur can be played by up to 100 people at the same time in a team event.

    With tricky puzzles and an exciting story, you will discover the old town of Winterthur anew and strengthen your team spirit in the process.

    To solve all the puzzles, you need strategies and teamwork. Therefore, a successful escape game requires a lot of logic, mutual communication and keen observation skills.

    Our escape games are ideal for your team building or team event in Winterthur and other cities in Switzerland and abroad.


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